Devils Dyke to Truleigh Ridge Run!

After a murky start Simon, Al and myself finally set off from the Devils Dyke heading for the masts at Truleigh. I was left behind on take off faffing with my helmet camera (Gopro Hero HD) so was playing catch up. I launched and flew straight across the bowl losing no height at all! As soon as I was on the north facing ridge the lift was good but due to the strong winds you had to keep out front somewhat and the going was pretty slow.

About halfway along the ridge are a set of power lines that you have to cross. Even though I probably had plenty of height I was still hesitant, probably something to do with the buzzing sound they were making!  Anyway upwards and onwards to Truleigh where I arrived to meet Al in the bowl topping up height.  Simon was way out front at the end of the ridge with good height so I flew towards him and was rewarded with a nice climb to 600ft and a lovely if grey view of Sussex!

Time was getting on by this point so the three of us turned back towards the Dyke in formation.  As we arrived back at the Dyke the wind was dropping and so was our height! By hugging the ridge we just managed to gain enough height to land in the Dyke take off field for our first ever Truleigh run, yay!

Video of the return leg from youtube: