Combe Gibbet After Work Mess-Around!

2nd August 2010

Well, they say the best flights are the unexpected ones. Sitting at work staring out of the windows cursing my luck at missing another classic day, just typical! Well home time arrives and I head home. The weather check reflex shows that Combe could still be flyable and with nothing else to do, what is there to lose?

Grab the gear and back out the door. A quick chat with Neil confirms he is thinking the same as me so we agree to meet on the hill. I make good time and somehow miss the traffic but arrive to see no wings in the air. Damn!

I could use the ground handling practice anyway.

Walking over to launch I see a wing pop up, and another, and soon there are people flying. My pace quickens past the gibbet and I waste no time getting my gear ready and soon I am in the air. The wind is light but there is the odd thermal still so good height is there for the taking. I wouldn’t describe the air as rough, just a bit up and downy! After 20 minutes everyone is starting to sink out so I head in for a nice top landing to save the walk back up. Neil arrives now, just in time to see everyone land!

We both practice our ground handling until the wind teases us with a sniff of lift. Nobody is sure and nobody wants to be first. Sod it I will go then, and off I skim along the ridge, legs up to avoid the ground. Half way along a bubble of lift, a few turns and I am above the ridge, just. I fly back past take off smiling and that is enough to tempt Neil into the air, along with a few others. After a few scratchy minutes everyone dives in for slope landings, with a lucky few top landing.

This sets the pattern for the rest of the evening, with lulls followed by short periods of flying. Nobody seems to mind and we are all just happy to be flying instead of working! A beautiful summers evening, shame the pub was closed afterwards.


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