Heading up to Korchone.

The lazyman’s guide to Korchone.

Parakros : Wing it Adventures

I’m much too lazy to trek up to Korchone, so here are some tips for the non trekkers among us.


The flight starts as usual Sarangkot-Greenwall-Korchone Ridge and here it changes, rather than flying west to Dhampus we fly north along the ridge line.


unless your comfortable flying in strong valley winds with rough strong thermals stay as high as you can..

The flight up toward the Korchone takeoff can be very rewarding you just need to remember that the valley height has now changed to 1200mASL which is 400m higher that in Sarangkot.

If your flying high then the flight is pretty straight forward on the way to Korchone  with a good combination of dynamic and thermal lift that will keep you high and a nice almost tail wind will assist you in getting there pretty quick. as your flying along don’t forget about your height, its easy…

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