XC Planner and Silly Flights

Tom Payne has released a new version of his excellent xc planner. It is currently a beta test and the address is likely to change. With winter firmly here now, what can we do but dream up ridiculous new routes!

A ridiculous 400km flight from Butser South.

How to do 400km from Butser South. You would probably need 20mph wind on launch and more at flying altitude and cunims forming all around. It might be possible on a rigid hang glider I guess, I don’t think the thermals would last long enough to make it on a paraglider. Even getting away from Butser South would be a massive achievement, let alone doing big distance. It would be hilarious if some sky god did a big distance flight from Butser, you would have all these top pilots flocking to one of the worst flying sites in the country!

A slightly more realistic flight might be Butser West to Margate, via Devils Dyke for 183km. Devils Dyke to Margate has been done before, and you can definitely do Butser to the Dyke. The question is, can you get from Butser to the Dyke early enough to take advantage of the sea breeze front rather than being decked by it?


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