Barton on Sea – Friday 27th April

A small window in the current ‘drought’ was predicted for Friday afternoon, so I set off for Barton on Sea. I arrived to see the usual suspects getting ready to launch (wind had just dropped to flyable, talk about perfect timing!). We were all soon in the air and getting good height. Various people achieved xc’s, jumping the gap to the west and flying down to Milford to the east.

I pushed my luck too much on the flight down to Milford in theweakening wind and bombed out at the east end of the beach huts. I tried relaunching from the cliff top above the huts but in the weaker wind there wasn’t enough lift to stay up. I walked west to wear the huts end and lay out my wing in front of the barbed wire fence (eek). Unfortunately there was no magic spot to avoid the rotor so I couldn’t get the wing inflated.

Luckily for me a nice gentleman saw my plight and came out of his house to help. With him holding the centre of the wing in the wind I was able to relaunch and fly back to Barton, saving me a long walk. It remained flyable up until about 7pm until the wind dropped. All in all not a bad days ‘gay’ coastal flying!
More photos here or on Facebook

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