Saturday 19th May – Ringstead and White Horse

A doubtful forecast turned into a lovely days flying in the end. Started at Ringstead where it was very scratchy, just about possible to maintain in the take off bowl. Sean Staines made it to the cliffs but couldn’t maintain height and had to land on the beach. Eventually, despite the forecast, it picked up enough (mainly thermic wind) to get more than one wing in the air at a time. I had a nice little boat around near take off trying to get used to my new harness. It was great fun working the small thermals and gaining pretty good height. Everytime I headed in the direction of the cliffs I was met with loads of sink, twas not to be today. It had gone very light and south so me and Simon Vacher decided to relocate to White Horse.

We arrived to very light wing but decided to have a go anyway. Surprisingly, it was thermic enough to gain good height and get out over the fields. We had a jolly time for an hour or so playing in the gentle lift coming off of the fields. All in all, a good day out of nothing.



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