A Sunny Sunday Morning on Whitewool (27th May 2012)

The forecast was insisting that a morning flight at Whitewool was on the cards, so I dragged myself out of bed and out to Whitewool for 8.15am. I clearly wasn’t the only one with this idea as Jason was already kiting his wing on launch and RJ was just pulling up as well. Initially the wind was just a fraction too light but it soon picked up enough to fly. A few more dedicated souls turned up with perfect timing including, Andy, Chris and new member Mark (sorry if I missed anyone!).

The wind was slightly off to the south so there wasn’t as much ridge lift as you would expect but there were some fairly punchy thermals coming through to give us some extra height. The place to be was above the trees to the north, with some nice lifty conditions to be had. Unfortunately the thermals never seemed to amount to anything, but we had fun seeing who could push out front the furthest before running back to the ridge.

By around 11am the wind was moving south and the sea air had killed what thermals there were leaving behind nice smooth air for us to float around in. Mark managed his best flight ever at his first visit to Whitewool so well done to him.

It was flyable until around 11.30am, when it had become too south for everyone, perfect timing to get home for lunch and some extra brownie points!



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