Chalton – The Forgotten Site (2nd June 2012)

Easterlies usually mean a trip to Whitewool or Mercury but the Southern Club were planning to invade Mercury, making an already busy site even worse and Whitewool is supposed to be a haven for our red ribbon pilots to learn in peace. That meant a trip to our rarely used easterly site Chalton. Now, on the face of it, Chalton is not as nice a hill as Whitewool or even Mercury. But for the experienced pilot, Chalton offers a fun challenge on a deserted hill and much better xc potential. On the next thermic easterly, look to the east for the gaggle flying over from Chalton!

By parking in Chalton village, you can avoid walking up the hill. It is a short but flat walk from the pub car park to launch with the advantage of the flying day ending at the pub!

This has got to be the busiest day ever at Chalton, myself, RJ, Neil, Alasdair, Paul, Tom, and Pablo were in attendance although Tom left for Whitewool just as it started to get flyable at Chalton (hope you had a good flight).

We all had jolly good fun in the end, it wasn’t as easy as floating up and down Mercury or Whitewool but it was a good challenge. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners due to trees and scrub but for the more experienced it is great to beat the crowds.

More photos here or here.


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