Paragliding Vol Biv in India – Bir Billing to Camp 360

About time I posted something about my trip to India. I was prompted to pull my finger out by Neil McCain, the Wessex Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club’s social secretary. He asked if I would do a talk about flying in India. Now, Will Palmer has already talked about his amazing adventure in the Himalayas so I decided to talk about how non skygods could fly in these amazing mountains. I edited together a video showing a short vol biv flight from Bir Billing to Camp 360 (and back!). This is a relatively straight forward 20km flight east from Billing launch, made more difficult by a low inversion and trying to keep 4 pilots together in the mountains! Have a quick look at the video, I will post a write up and some photos later.  Pilots were me on a Gin Sprint, Alasdair Jones on a Gradient Montana, Neil Withers on a Swing Arcus 5, and Remi Pickett on an Ozone Delta.