New Wing!

I’ve bought an Advance Sigma 8 and I love it! It looks awesome in blue and it feels very much like the Gin Sprint except it turns flatter and really shifts on bar. The Gin Sprint has gone to a new home. I will really miss that wing, it looked after me and took me to some incredible places.


Go Places – My Paragliding Adventures So Far

Over the long long winter I have set myself a challenge of going through all my old Gopro footage and making a compilation video showing all the amazing places that paragliding has taken me.

Spurred on by last years Wessex Club video competition, I have discovered that shorter videos are far more entertaining. No one wants to watch 30 minutes of someone ridge soaring the local ridge! I have decided to limit myself to 3 minutes unless I have a good reason to go longer (a story to tell or an instructional video).

To make it extra hard for myself I had chosen Isla de Encanta by the Pixies as the music for the video, a fast paced number that only lasts 1:41! Squeezing nearly five years of paragliding experiences into that time has been very tough and time consuming but I’m proud of the result…

Skysurfing Club Parachute Repack Day

It is that time of year again. Time to repack the reserve you hope you will only see again in a years time at the next repack. I have a new reserve this year, a Sup Air Light. Compared to my Gin One G it is harder to fold but worth it for the massive weight and bulk saving. No problems with the packing from the factory but always nice to be carrying something you have repacked yourself.