Some useful and interesting links related to paragliding.


3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Neil says:

    Hey I was flying with a Richard in St Hillaire just after the festival but I left in a bit of a rush, got bundled into a van heading east so didn’t say a proper goodby. I know this seems a bit weird but he was a Richard too and he’d been flyin for the same amount of time as you and was from the same ares, a Thames valley flyer, and he was chatting about Bir, India, and he did look a lot like you, though I”m a bit sketchy like that, I have a terrible memory so you see it’s more than a shot in the dark.
    I don’t suppose you were there flying the cliffs with a big nosed skinny bloke who upset the little chubby Niviuk dude?

    • Hi Neil, I’m one and the same person, good googling! And there I was thinking no one ever reads my poorly updated rambling? Did you get any good flying in after you left? Definitely the right decision to move on as it remained stable at St Hillaire.

  2. Neil says:

    Well hello there, good to here from you. I have read your ramblings and very interesting they are, you’ve done so much amazing stuff in so many places!
    As for the Alps, shit weather was coming up Italy on the east as that front I was running from came in from the west and Andy’s van conked out on the way. I ended up spending that week in a caravan up in the mountains on the Italian side in 4 days of torrential rain and lighting. Got a days sleigh rides in Ivrea on arriving and another in Chamonix on the way back but it was really not up to much that last week.
    Ivrea looked like incredible flying though and the caravan, breakfast, coffees etc, washing and wine cost me 50 euros for 5 days on this great little camp site 5k from the LZ. With EasyJet flying into Turin that’s a very cheap and easy destination for bad spells over here and I’ll be heading back for sure. It could even be a long weekend destination, it’s so pretty up there on the Italian side and the locals are super friendly and the Italian girls are super hot, not that would concern you of course.
    Anyhow I was upset about how bad the flying was was for most of that holiday and to cheer myself up I was thinking of going to Nepal for January/February and was doing a little research on line, which is how I came across you again with your YouTube vids on the “Green Wall”.
    I’d really like to ask a few questions about Nepal but I feel like I’m taking up an awful lot of your blog.

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