Paragliding Vol Biv in India – Bir Billing to Camp 360

About time I posted something about my trip to India. I was prompted to pull my finger out by Neil McCain, the Wessex Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club’s social secretary. He asked if I would do a talk about flying in India. Now, Will Palmer has already talked about his amazing adventure in the Himalayas so I decided to talk about how non skygods could fly in these amazing mountains. I edited together a video showing a short vol biv flight from Bir Billing to Camp 360 (and back!). This is a relatively straight forward 20km flight east from Billing launch, made more difficult by a low inversion and trying to keep 4 pilots together in the mountains! Have a quick look at the video, I will post a write up and some photos later.  Pilots were me on a Gin Sprint, Alasdair Jones on a Gradient Montana, Neil Withers on a Swing Arcus 5, and Remi Pickett on an Ozone Delta.


4 thoughts on “Paragliding Vol Biv in India – Bir Billing to Camp 360

  1. Its about Bir billing, near to Dhauladhar Mountains (Dharmshala).Well thanks for sharing this video,birbiling is still little hidden place need to be reviewed all over the world. I am sure interested people will surely like to visit here for paragliding and other adventure activities. As a local pilot, it would our pleasure to provide best services to all visitors.
    Manjeet @ Paragliding in himachal

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